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Team One has been providing networking solutions since its inception in 1998. With our primary focus being WAN & LAN design, implementation, and operations...

Unified Wireless Network

Wireless LANs (WLANs) have become business-critical. End users are mobility enabled with laptops, handhelds and business critical mobile devices. They are embracing the freedom and flexibility of wireless connectivity. Business executives are recognizing the competitive advantage of business-critical mobile applications. Organizations are deploying WLANs to increase employee productivity, enhance collaboration, and improve responsiveness to customers.

The increasing need for anytime-anywhere connectivity is creating new challenges for today's networking professionals, who must respond to the growing demand for WLANs in an era of tight budgets and reduced resources. These networking professionals are discovering that in the absence of a corporate sanctioned wireless network, employees are deploying their own unauthorized access points that put the entire network at risk.

Network managers need to protect their networks and deliver secure WLAN access for their organizations. They need a wireless infrastructure that embraces the unique attributes of radio frequency (RF) technology and effectively supports today's business applications. They need to keep their wired network secure while laying a foundation for the smooth integration of new applications that embrace wireless technology. Network managers need a WLAN solution that takes full advantage of existing tools, knowledge, and network resources to cost-effectively address critical WLAN security, deployment, and control issues. Team One Networking is ready to help.

With Team One Networking as your strategic partner, your organization can benefit from our extensive experience to reduce overall operational expenses by simplifying wireless network deployment, operations, and management. Our Unified Wireless implementations are tightly integrated end-to-end solutions that address all layers of the WLAN, from client devices and access points, to the network infrastructure, to network management and the delivery of advanced wireless services. These solutions deliver leading wireless LAN security, innovation, and investment protection while integrating innovative access point technology with centralized management, intelligent control, real-time location services and a wide array of interoperable client devices.