About Our Team

Team One has been providing networking solutions since its inception in 1998. With our primary focus being WAN & LAN design, implementation, and operations...


The vast interconnected information networks of today are essential to maintain pace with business change, and also provide an opportunity for businesses to evolve to higher levels of performance and results. With information theft, virus attacks, and application abuse on the rise, it is critical for organizations to secure their business network and protect valuable resources. Whether it is employees and trusted insiders stealing information or hackers attempting to penetrate external network defenses, organizations of all sizes must protect themselves against information theft, virus outbreaks, and application abuse that come from known and unknown threats as well as internal and external sources. Clearly, network security is no longer an optional luxury – it is a business imperative.

To mitigate and prevent information theft, organizations must implement precautions such as establishing formal organizational security policies, enforcing access rights to authenticated users, and securing the transport of data and voice communications. Additionally, they must face other concerns such as internal access control, contingency plans on how to overcome attacks, and overall network performance. A security system must be fully integrated into all aspects of the network to proactively recognize potential suspicious activity, identify threats, react adaptively, and facilitate a coordinated response to attacks. A comprehensive network security solution protects an organization by identifying, preventing, and adapting to threats from both internal and external sources. With this protection, companies are better able to take advantage of the intelligence in their network resources—thus improving business processes and cutting costs.

Rather than just throwing different point security products into your network, consider partnering with Team One Networking to develop and implement a comprehensive network security solution. Our approach uses every element in the network as a point of defense, with all the elements working together to provide a secure and adaptive system. Routers, switches, appliances, and endpoints incorporate security functions, including firewalling, virtual private networking, trust and identity capabilities and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs). Team One’s solutions leverage various components of the network working seamlessly to provide new means of protection. This adaptive security allows for automatic deployment of innovative behavioral methods in order to recognize new types of threats as they arise. Mutual awareness can exist between security services and network intelligence, thus increasing security effectiveness and a more proactive response to new types of threats. This awareness effectively mitigates security risks by broadening threat recognition capabilities and addressing threats at multiple layers of the network.