About Our Team

Team One has been providing networking solutions since its inception in 1998. With our primary focus being WAN & LAN design, implementation, and operations...

Network Foundation

Computer networks have come a long way in improving business processes. To deliver these benefits, the networks themselves have actually grown quite complex – at least, behind the scenes. They connect all the components of an IT infrastructure, supporting any number of dissimilar applications, protocols, and services, while providing employees with access to the resources that keep business processes running. Today’s Internet-based economy demands 24-by-7 customer service, so a business’s network must now be available nearly 100 percent of the time. It must also be smart enough to automatically isolate or stop unexpected security incidents and adjust to changing traffic loads while maintaining consistent application performance.

Because networks have so many multidimensional jobs to perform, it is no longer practical or economically feasible to construct them by stringing together a large number of standalone components that are managed separately and have little or no awareness of one another. Rather, today’s networks require a significant level of technology and management integration to function optimally and securely. To ensure that your network remains manageable and secure as it grows while minimizing your total cost of ownership (TCO), consider partnering with Team One Networking. The result is a simpler, systems-centric approach to networking that automates operations and lowers overall costs for your organization.

Team One Networking delivers network solutions using components that are "Best of Breed" and designed to work together; we don't 'sell products'. Security, quality of service (QoS), and high availability are built in from the ground up. Through its integration practice, Team One Networking combines routing, switching, security, voice, and wireless technologies into unified network solutions, alleviating the need for you to connect separate devices onto the network that must be managed and secured individually. Separate deployment, security, and management require additional staff resources that many organizations do not have available; in addition, scaling networks built from nonintegrated components is much more complex and difficult. Team One Networking's integration practice ensures that a business’s network can be deployed, managed, and secured as a cohesive entity.